These cats’ response to this flatulent dog is a stinkingly funny watch (sound up!)

Here’s 24 seconds to take your mind off everything else that’s going on right now.

It’s a dog which has come up with a very clever tactic of getting the bed all to himself.

‘Farting in Closed Areas – Dog Edition,’ said pentacards_on_YT who shared it over on Reddit.

Here’s the original TikTok video posted by Cool Dog Space.

@cooldogspace When cats and dogs sleep together #dog #frenchbulldog ♬ original sound – Cool Dog Space

And our favourite things people said about it.

‘Dog looks like a pro at this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is doing this on purpose.
What a genius!’

‘He probably just wanted the best spot for himself.’

‘My dog has, multiple times mind you, woken himself up by farting and then gets upset by how bad it smelt.’

‘One of the funniest things I have ever seen is my dog audibly farting, then looking at his butt like “WTF was that?”

Now there were a few people suggesting the farts had been edited it but, well, it still made us smile.


Source Reddit u/pentacards_on_YT TikTok @cooldogspace