Takedown of the Day goes to this savage response to a KoЯn fan

Music fans can be a little extreme at times, and this gushing response to an interview with the American heavy metal band KoЯn is the perfect example.

We probably just skipped the bit in the bible where God wanted someone to record Freak on a Leash.

This reply puts it beautifully.


These Reddit responses just piled on the pain.

And God said unto Korn, “Boom na da mmm dum na eema” and they did rejoice and say unto him, “Fight! Some eem na na me na oo!”

Thankfully God really out did himself by grinding out this new korn album with the boys. Seriously, the kids haven’t shown anything near the initiative as the guys in korn, why should they get all the resources smh.

Think the take away here is God wants them for theme music as he tears this reality apart.

If god works in mysterious ways, it’s completely possible for him to make millions starve and get cancer all the while making sure Korn has sweet melodies.

KoЯn had better hope God’s not feeling vengeful, because they’ve got some explaining to do, as pointed out by u/IndigenousBastard.

God got punked. Korn didn’t even give him a writing credit.


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