CBBC’s Hacker T. Dog went viral with this absolutely barking blooper

In the fine tradition of children’s TV puppets, CBBC’s Hacker T. Dog, performed by puppeteer Phil Fletcher, walks that tightrope of being ‘naughty’ enough to make kids laugh without being so bad that their adults might write letters of complaint – or turn to Nickelodeon.

A clip of one of his old bloopers, co-starring presenter Lauren Layfield, went viral at the weekend after being shared on Twitter by Jacqui Abbott.

A slightly longer version had been posted by Hacker himself, back in 2016.

It was a happy blast from the past for Lauren.

The clip hit so hard that somebody did this …

But it was tweeters’ reactions that really got the message across.

With a lot of interest and attention directed towards him, Phil Fletcher gave us a glimpse ‘backstage’.

He also cleared up the back story to his ‘normal men’ comment, putting to bed some rumours.

So, there you are – just nonsense. Totally hilarious nonsense.

You can watch a compilation of Lauren and Hacker’s bloopers here.


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Source BBC/Jacqui Abbott Image Screengrab