Want to see a wild hamster photoshoot? Of course you do!

Julian Rad’s wildlife photography has won him awards and admiration, and often features cute creatures interacting with flowers. Like these –

He recently shared footage of a photoshoot he’d done, along with some of the resulting images – and it’s a genuine delight to watch.

He added the caption –

Have you ever seen a wild hamster? 🐹

He also credited @a_nimsaj for some of the footage – presumably the shots of him, filming.

Instagram users were completely smitten.

So amazing! What a brave little chap!

💚Omg! He is so cute! And not shy at all! Thanks for sharing this video!

Absolutely adorable!! 😍🥰

Something that good was never going to stay on one platform, and soon spread to Twitter.

René gave people this tip.

You can see more of Julian’s work and buy copies here.

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Source Julian Rad Image Screengrab