Chris Bryant had the last word on Priti Patel getting Bond premiere freebies in her ministerial capacity

During a Standards Committee hearing, the Chair of the committee – Chris Bryant – asked Cabinet Office minister Michael Ellis and Commons Leader Mark Spencer to explain Priti Patel’s claim that her tickets for the latest Bond premiere were a gift given in her ministerial capacity.

It’s worth watching the clip for Mr Bryant’s incredulous response alone, but there are other gems.

‘Well, the nature of the film, one could argue, is connected to executive functions.’

‘I don’t know the influence in terms of her constituency. I don’t know if there’s a huge Jamaican population or not.’

We suspect that if there is a huge Jamaican population in Ms. Patel’s constituency, there won’t be for long.

The claim that a Bond film was in some capacity crucial ministerial viewing for the Home Secretary certainly gave Twitter food for thought.

Times Radio presenter and Times columnist Matt Chorley set tweeters a challenge.

There were a lot of great suggestions, including these –

But Chris Bryant’s proposed freebie for Boris Johnson wins the award.

No red carpet, though. Maybe a red flag.

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