Piers Morgan was called a c-bomb live on air and this is the only response you need

Spare a thought – only kidding – for Piers Morgan, who wasn’t having a great time of it on Monday night.

To add to the ratings woes of his much-hyped new Talk TV show, his beloved Arsenal were humiliated at Newcastle and someone called him a C-bomb live on air.

And it’s the last of this unfortunate hat-trick that really got people talking.

The guest, called ‘Jame’, was taking part in a ‘proper debate’ regarding trans rights and it had already got a bit lively when this happened.

It’s not big and it’s not clever. But it was quite funny.

But the best response – the very best – was surely this.


And just in case you can’t watch it enough.

Last word to Morgan.


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Source Twitter @The_onlyMukhtar