People have been sharing the trade secrets that everyone should know – 21 favourites

It’s always welcome when someone from a particular business or industry shares the insider knowledge that us on the outside would never come usually across.

Particularly so when it means we are likely to get a better service or make their job easier (ideally both).

We mention this after various threads on Reddit and elsewhere touched on this very thing and here are our 21 favourites.


‘Call center here. Just because you hear music when I put you on hold, doesn’t mean I do. I can hear every profanity you utter.’


‘Don’t make the bed before you leave [a hotel]. It has to be taken apart anyway and if it looks un-slept in, it won’t get changed.’


‘At any concert you attend, the best sound will be directly in front of the engineer at the main sound board.’


‘Movie theaters place leftover popcorn in large storage containers, or garbage bags at the end of the night, then mix it in with fresh popcorn the next day. I did it for over a year.’


‘I tell everyone to skip the fruit in their drinks/cocktails. No one uses tongs or gloves, whether it’s laziness or time. Fingers are filthy behind the bar moving from soda guns, rags to wipe off the bar, handling money, etc. Just don’t.’


‘Don’t stack your plates resulting in food squished against the bottoms of other plates. I’m the stack master, I’ll decide the stack-order, god dammit. (I work at a banquet hall. FUCK birthday cake.)’


‘I work for a virtual call agency, which means that my job is to call people at random times of the day to take surveys. If you ever get a call to do a survey or something, please keep in mind that some of us are human beings and not robots.

‘If you don’t want to take a survey please be polite about it. And if you don’t ever want to be called again just ask to be taken off the call list. Otherwise, we’ll keep calling you.’


‘I worked in a diner where we used to top off our table’s containers of ketchup every night with fresh ketchup, but we’d never ever clean out the containers. So there would just be layers and layers of ketchup from months (or years) ago.

‘To make matters worse, these were the slightly wider glass bottles, so countless customers would stick their used knives or forks in to serve themselves. I literally never trust restaurant ketchup anymore because of this.’
Michelle K


‘If you clear a clog, or have one of those ‘almost’ clogs, keep flushing the toilet over and over five or more times. You want to push the large matter down the pipe until it gets to a bigger area of the pipe, main, or septic. If you don’t, it can just clog farther down and now you need a snake or worse.’


‘Whenever you are at a fast food drive-thru, we hear everything. As long as you are in the censor, our microphones are open. We listen to your phone conversations, music, and your asshole comments.’