An obnoxious tourist kicked off over dogs in cafés and the internet dubbed them ‘the asshole’

Over on Reddit’s r/AmITheAsshole, an asshole a person named u/Appropriate-Form-277 wanted to know if they were in the right with this holiday behaviour.

It’s a longish read, but worth the effort. If you’re in a rush, however –

tl;dr Someone went on holiday to a place where people bring their dogs into cafés and restaurants, then complained to other customers and the management because they didn’t want to be around dogs.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Redditors decided the person was the asshole, and these are a few of the comments. YTA means ‘You’re the asshole’.

YTA. “How dare people in the culture I’m visiting behave as is culturally appropriate for them!”

See how that sounds?

YTA. Not sure what you expected to solve by randomly yelling at people that are doing what everyone else around them is doing, and is deemed acceptable by society at large.

YTA- As much as that dog doesn’t need to be at a cafe, neither do you. Take your food to go next time, or seek out pet free places to eat.

YTA. The manager had a point – this sounds like something that bugs you and you’re trying to make it everyone else’s problem.

YTA – So you are going to single-handedly educate an entire country on what to do with their pets? By annoying one couple at a time? How long is your vacation?

YTA. There is a saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

YTA – No one has ever cared what an obnoxious tourist thinks. This fact remains true in this case.

This just in: Not every country you visit will be like the country you’re from.

u/isabgul had an important question.

YTA – What country is this because I wanna visit?

And u/Ok_Two_8173 had another question –

YTA. Does it also upset you how many people speak Spanish in Spain?

They probably saw this –


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