This rotating brain baffler has got heads spinning

Over on Reddit’s, r/loadingicon forum, a creator named u/Niko22966 shared a clip of a loop they’d made.

It’s not quite a straightforward optical illusion, because Niko has manipulated the shapes to change at two points, but it still gave people’s brains a workout.

Oh my god my brain is really working to try to solve this one.

Seriously impressive, my brain can’t sort this one out.

Omg it’s brilliant, but it drives me nuts.

It got a lot more of the attention it deserved when it turned up on Twitter.

It got almost a million views in two days, and picked up comments that prove it was just as baffling to most tweeters as Redditors.

The wonderful Jim Al-Khalili brought his impeccable scientific thinking to the table.

If you’re interested, you can see just how Niko22966 made the loop here.

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Source u/Niko22966 Image Screengrab, Sammy-sander on Pixabay