Liz Truss getting lost in a small room works even better with a One Man and His Dog overdub

Liz Truss has now launched her bid to be the leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore the PM, with the slogan ‘Trusted to deliver’.

Unfortunately for anyone waiting for a delivery from Ms. Truss, they’re going to have to rely on her being able to find her way out of a small room with one entrance – and all bets are off.

Tweeters absolutely roasted her for the error, but one funny response went the extra mile.

The multitalented guitar teacher and podcaster Jason Read – @jasemonkey – gave the embarrassing clip the perfect audio treatment, and it works so much better than we could have predicted.

Perhaps Thérèse Coffey can be persuaded to whistle and shout “Come by!” after every hustings.

These enthusiastic responses are just what the funny post deserved.

It isn’t Jason’s first contribution to the Tory leadership race discourse. Here’s ‘the Westminster Derby’, expertly created in collaboration with Dan March – @TheDanMarch.

Place your bets.

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Armando Iannucci said this about Liz Truss and the more we watch, the funnier it gets

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