This ‘choosing beggar’ tried to get a free sofa and the response was 10/10

There’s a corner of Reddit called r/choosingbeggars which features a variety of entitled people all trying to get stuff on the cheap (or plain free).

And this is a classic of the genre, someone trying to get a free sofa because they spotted some minor damage given entirely the treatment they deserved.


And here are just three of the things people said about it after it was shared by Redditor ApolloTheElder who said: ‘$10 entertainment fee.’

‘I can give you exposure.

‘I also jack my price when people start asking if they can get something for nothing.’

‘I love the reply! “That would be great! For 80$ you can get rid of it for me!” Lol epic.’

‘I’m going to start using “hmmm interesting” to dismiss the listed price from now on.’


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Source Reddit u/ApolloTheElder