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This woman outscammed a ‘romance scammer’ demanding £3,000 and it’s glorious

This isn’t the first takedown of a scammer we’ve featured on these pages, but you won’t have read many funnier – or more beautifully constructed.

It was posted on Twitter by Becky Holmes Hates Spinach – @deathtospinach – who said:

‘My beloved, Zeltinis, told me I would have to pay £3k for him to be able to leave his oil rig to come and visit me.

‘I therefore decided to visit him instead, but he has been very resistant to it.

‘He’s presumably just worried for my safety, which makes me love him even more.’

And here is their exchange in full. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any better …





It turns out Becky is something of an expert at taking down romance scammers and she’s even got a book about it.

And here is just a fraction of the love people had for her encounter with ‘Zeltinis’.

And just in case you were wondering …

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Source Twitter @deathtospinach