The takedown of this ‘influencer’ looking for a free hotel room is a 5-star treat

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured a business’s fabulous response to an ‘influencer’ on the lookout for free stuff. But it might be the most satisfying and entertaining yet.

This particular social media influencer – specialising in ‘lifestyle, beauty and travel’ – was looking for free accommodation in Dublin for themselves and their partner.

And we don’t know about the hotel – we’re sure it’s lovely – but the response was a five-star treat.


‘The P.S. at the end makes it a hundred times better.’

‘Turns it from Murder to cremated the body due to the massive burn.’

‘I am sure Universal Orlando has been on the up and up due to her exposure. Such a small indie company such as them need the help.’


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Source Reddit u/fuzzywuzzylumpkin