The takedown of this ‘sugar daddy’ scammer just gets better and better

Becky Holmes is an expert when it comes to taking down scammers in the most entertaining way possible, and this latest effort is a classic of the genre.

You might remember Becky – @deathtospinach on Twitter – from her fabulous defenestration of a ‘romance scammer’ a couple of weeks ago.

And here’s what she’s been up to now …

And that exchange in full …


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And the even better news is that Becky has a book coming out packed full of all her encounters with online romance scammers.

It’s called Keanu Reeves Is Not In Love With You and you can read all about it here …


This woman outscammed a ‘romance scammer’ demanding £3,000 and it’s glorious

Source Twitter @deathtospinach