James O’Brien’s breakdown of Gavin Williamson’s sweary text rant is the best explainer yet

While the controversy surrounding the return of Suella Braverman to the Home Office has yet to leave the stage, Gavin Williamson has lobbed another grenade into people’s opinion of Rishi Sunak’s judgement.

Leaked messages show Minister Without Portfolio Williamson ranting abusively at the former Chief Whip, Wendy Morton, over her failure to get him into the Queen’s funeral.

Rishi Sunak knew of an accusation of bullying via text by Williamson, but didn’t take even the most basic steps to find out what had been said before awarding him a cabinet seat.

What was it he said in his first speech?

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Despite now knowing what the messages said, Sunak doubled down on his support for Williamson.

James O’Brien explained the shameful episode to his listeners.

I don’t think you could send a text like that in your workplace, could you?
A, the swearing and B, the threatening.

LBC listeners appreciated the breakdown – and so did Twitter.

Eddie Burfi had a question – and the answer.


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