People can’t believe this TikToker fell for a pregnant Thanksgiving turkey prank

Over on TikTok, Hunter and Devin Cordle – who post as @thecordlefamily – have gone viral after he pranked her hard with their Thanksgiving turkey.

@thecordlefamily Devin — WHO WOULD WE CALL 🤣🤣🤣 #hunteranddevin #prank #turkeyday #thanksgiving #funny #coupletok ♬ original sound – Hunter & Devin

TikTok users couldn’t believe she’d fallen for it.

Did you tell her yet? This always amazes me when ppl fall for it. Like it was pregnant with a headless, plucked, turkey and not an egg 😂

Concept of eggs immediately goes out the window 😂😂
Mommy Farmer

Should have taken the story to the dinner table with the guests!!!!

Good one, when she almost cried I almost died laughing forgive me… 🤣🤣

Sadly I know I would fall for this as well.

Why doesn’t it have feathers or A HEAD ? 😂
Daniel Little

You should’ve had her call the store and complain that they sold a pregnant turkey, I would’ve lost it 🤣
CJ Kap

Me knowing this isn’t true, but still sad😭
Linda Marie

They posted the de-brief, and we all got to see the moment the penny dropped about the existence of eggs.

@thecordlefamily Replying to @obi.wan.kadoodle she was too stunned to speak 😅 #hunteranddevin #coupletok #funny ♬ original sound – Hunter & Devin

“Tell me I’m not the brightest crayon in the box.”

Anyway, we’re off to buy some turkey fur.


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