‘The Joke doesn’t go quite as planned’

All we have to say about this is that u/TedtheBearman519 is lucky Granny has a strong heart – and a good sense of humour.

He explained –

We had gotten my Grandmother the crate as a gift for Mother’s Day. We decided it would be funny for someone to get into the box and startle her and I volunteered. As she walked up to the box and I lay waiting for the surprise, I think, “I hope she doesn’t fall in the pool”.

As well as the almost compulsory comments implying that u/TedtheBearman519‘s gran is secretly a professional stunt actor, the reactions were the perfect mix of relief that she didn’t hit anything vital – and pure enjoyment of the slapstick.

Seems to have gone swimmingly if you ask me.

Executed perfectly, I wish all baptisms were like this.

She really went off the deep end.

His pranks had always garnered laughs, but this is the first time it made someone wet themselves.

My man thought about getting the Nike’s wet for Grandma then was like “na, she ok”.

She got a laugh out of it, I don’t see how it could have gone better.

Jesus christ, thank god she fell in the water and not onto the cement.

It got u/theoriginalnab right in the feels.

Her coming up laughing brings me up. You got a sweet grandma OP.

Ted confirmed it.

Yea she took it like a champ.

For thr full cinematic experience, someone had filmed the action from another angle.


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