Spare a thought for this motorcycle fan and his most unfortunate T-shirt misunderstanding

This motorcycle fan has just gone viral on Reddit after he shared this picture of his most unfortunate T-shirt.

Well, it’s not the T-shirt that’s unfortunate, it’s the person who saw him wearing it and didn’t just get the wrong end of the stick, she hit herself over the head with it. Repeatedly.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘I guess you should have worn your Harley Bidenson shirt today.’

‘That or the Kamala-saki.’

‘As a Canadian, I automatically thought she had a problem with one of the greatest three piece rock bands of all time. Follow Your Heart!!’

‘I had on a red shirt at Target once, boy was that a mistake!’

‘I was once lectured by a woman for like 2-3 minutes on a NY street for wearing a “Make America Rage Again” red t-shirt I got from Tom Morello at a Prophets of Rage concert.

‘I had to explain it to her several times, including that it was not a positive Trump message and that I wasn’t even an American.’

‘I worked for a laser cutting company that uses Trumpf lasers, right when orange boy was elected.

‘Needless to say I had to stop wearing my Trumpf swag. Wasn’t worth explaining to people.’

Source Reddit u/ToxicTherapy101 Image Pixabay