John Bercow brutally schooling Nigel Farage over Brexit is a supremely satisfying (but ultimately futile) watch

It’s always satisfying watching people speak truth to donuts, and here’s a classic of the genre.

It’s former Commons speaker John Bercow taking less than a minute to outline the full scale of the Brexit disaster to Nigel Farage.

His suggestion that Farage might like to open his eyes to what was happening (and who is to blame) is entirely futile, of course, but it’s no less satisfying for it. At least, we hope it isn’t.

Esther McVey, there, like a referee intervening in a boxing match to stop Farage from taking further punishment (his face was so still through all of that we though his feed had broken).

Let’s hope GB News has Bercow back on again very soon.

Source Twitter @Haggis_UK