This crane operator’s terrifying descent is most kindly described as unconventional

We’ve looked up at plenty of cranes in our time but we’ve never had a bird’s eye view – or rather, crane operator’s view – of what it’s like to come down at the end of a shift.

Until now, after PEDERAHMET shared this video over on Reddit. And it’s even more terrifying than we imagined.

While we wait for our head to stop spinning, here are just a few of the many things people said about it, quite a lot of them querying precisely what health and safety rules were in place here.

‘Loafers don’t seem like a great choice here.’

‘Nothing here seems like a great choice lol.

‘This is like one of those corny videos a new employer shows you during orientation and tells you to write down all the safety violations you see, but the whole time you’re thinking “They could have at least tried to make this realistic. No one actually works like this”

‘So the ladder is just a straight shot down for hundreds of feet with no safety catches required?

‘I would have thought the ladder design to be staggered, with a platform every 10 feet so you couldn’t fall far enough to be turned into red paste after a long mentally exhausting day of operating a crane for hours on end.’

‘This is one of the first posts here that actually gave me shivers.’

Some people spotted a few clues that suggested it might have been taken in China.

‘Female crane operator. In China the role of crane operator is typically a woman’s job.’

We’re with this person.

‘I am afraid of heights. I think I died 3 times by watching that video.’

Source Reddit u/PEDERAHMET