This complaint about a pizza delivery fail just gets better and better

We’ve featured no end of unreasonable customers leaving outrageous 1-star reviews, invariably prompting a fabulous comeback from the business (invariably a restaurant) concerned.

Well here’s something similar but entirely different, a complaint about a rubbish pizza delivery which is unusually civilised for this sort of thing, and very, very funny.

Messed up pizza delivery and a wholesome, overly nice customer,’ said finnicko who shared it over on Reddit.

Nicely done, everyone!

‘OMG, it happened. Someone registered a legit complaint without having a meltdown.’

‘I had a new hire mess up a woman’s order three times, it was so embarrassing, but she was so gracious.

‘Fun fact, if you’re understanding and patient, we hook you up. She never has to pay for sides for life. And the kid is much better on the line.’

‘I once got a pizza where they forgot to put cheese on it. I called and told them and numerous times said I didn’t want to be a dick, it happens, maybe just comp one in the future.

‘They got another delivered super fast. The delivery guy were apologizing to each other. It was late so we gave him a beer and a joint and a fat tip. The next 3-5 times we ordered there was all this free stuff (breadsticks, a salad, once a whole other pizza).

‘I asked the delivery guy about it once and he said “you guys are just so nice you went on our cool customer list because you were so cool to Jerry that one time”.

Source Reddit u/finnicko