Joe Lycett had the funniest response to the BBC’s Match of the Day presenter crisis

When the BBC announced it would be axing Gary Lineker from Match of the Day until they agree with him exactly what he’s allowed to tweet about, it appears they might not entirely have thought it through.

Because it might not have reckoned with basically the entirety of the programme’s on-air team telling the corporation where they could stick their programme (if not quite in so many words, obviously).

Pundit Ian Wright was among those taking to Twitter to express their support for Lineker.

As was his fellow pundit Alan Shearer, who will also be taking an early bath on Saturday.

Then the commentators gave their employer the red card as well.

And not just Match of the Day, either. Here’s Alex Scott, presenter of BBC1 lunchtime show, Football Focus.

So goodness knows exactly what Match of the Day will look like tonight. Pages from Ceefax, maybe.

It prompted lots of funny tweets speculating who might take over.

Or maybe this joke Tory MP.


Or maybe these joke Tory MPs.

We know who it definitely won’t be, though.

But the funniest response surely went to the magnificent Joe Lycett.





Let’s hope Nadine Dorries enjoyed that.

And just in case anyone needs reminding … how long ago does this feel??

Source Twitter @joelycett