This funfair analogy for the gulf between rich and poor is brutally on the money

This isn’t an entirely new analogy but it stands the test of time. So much so that it’s just gone wildly viral again on Reddit and it’s brutally on the money.

‘Rich vs poor,’ said AbstractParrot who shared it.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Rich kids also own the carnival.’

‘They use that rare middle class kid who hit the bullseye to justify the system.’

‘That kid always gets put on a pedestal. See!! The system works!! Hail capitalism!!

‘It’s like the poor kid at the elite private college. Get used to being in all the “diversity” photo shoots for the school’s marketing materials.’

‘Unfortunately this omits the most painful parts of the analogy: the poor kids worship the “winners” and ridicule the middle class kids that miss as losers.

‘Yes, they’re the ones working the carnival, when they should be the ones burning it down.’

‘And sometimes the poor kid happens to know a rich kid, or knows someone who knows a rich kid, who is very generous and gives him a try.

‘The poor kid gets lucky and hits the bullseye and hits the jackpot and then the rich kid tells everyone how hard the poor kid worked to make it and how if you too worked hard you can make it too.’

‘Recently, it’s a lot more like the carnival game with the bottle necks and rubber rings, where you win a fish. So even if you win, you dont really win because a play is $2, and a gold fish in a bag is worth $1.10, and worst of all, you now have a goldfish.’

Source Reddit u/AbstractParrot Image Unsplash Devon Rogers