Kathy Burke’s brilliant definition of woke went viral after Amanda Holden said Paul O’Grady ‘wasn’t woke’

Of all the many tributes paid to the great comedian and presenter Paul O’Grady, who died this week aged just 67, there was none more confusing and downright wrong-headed than this, from Amanda Holden.

The talent show judge and breakfast DJ said this on Heart Radio.

“What I loved about him he he was not woke in any way …

‘He had massive opinions on everything, which I love people like that. Really, really funny. Very witty, bitingly sharp. Everything that came out of his mouth was brilliant, and I absolutely adored him.’

And that noise you can hear is the entire internet screwing up its eyes and shaking its head.

Of all the many responses it prompted this, from @MarkGComedyUK, might say it best.

Or maybe this, by @MutualAidLiker …

And we mention it because the presenter’s bizarre comment sent Kathy Burke’s definition from a while back viral all over again.

It was shared on Twitter by @putasinghonit and it’s 22 seconds well spent.

Perfect, no notes.

At least she got his name right.

Source Twitter @putasinghonit