A Lisbon Zoo otter had an absolutely smashing time with a tourist’s dropped phone

A Lisbon Zoo otter has gone viral after an unfortunate visitor dropped her phone into the animal’s enclosure, only to witness it suffer this fate.

@rivergraceful otter found a phone #otter #aquarium #animals #ottersoftiktok ♬ оригинальный звук –

The clip, shared by @rivergraceful, has been reposted several times across TikTok and other social media platforms, ensuring that nobody now expects to ever get a working phone back from an otter.

TikTokers weren’t massively sympathetic.

Does insurance cover otters?

OMG he’s trying to crack it open like a clam! That’s so cute I love otters.

Waiting for the algorithm to put that phone’s POV on my FYP…
Big Boostie

“Why isn’t meat coming out of it? I’ve smacked it on the rock like fifty times now.”

He hates spam calls.

Can you hear me now?
Rudy Heredia

I think that is now his favorite rock.

AppleCare will not cover this.
Pattern enhancer

I react the same way when my phone doesn’t get any service.

Papaya blamed the make of phone case.

Should have gone with Otterbox.

While thegoodcardsshop had a tip.

Just put the phone in rice. Should work after a couple of minutes.

It would have been fine if it had been a Nokia 3310.

Because we can’t pass up the opportunity to show more otters, here’s one having a less devastating smashing time.

@k_passionate Sounds of Sea Otters #asmr #otter #ottersoftiktok #seaotter #animalrescue #marinemammalrescue #zoo #aquarium #fuzzy #furry #cuteanimal #adorable ♬ original sound – k_passionate


These ‘otters begging for spins’ are just the soothing balm we needed right now

Source @rivergraceful Image Screengrab