Joe Lycett had the very best response to critics of Ben Elton’s Rishi Sunak broadside

As you’ll have seen elsewhere by now, Ben Elton went wildly viral at the weekend with his excoriating takedown of prime minister Rishi Sunak on Laura Kuennsberg’s BBC1 show.

And it prompted an entirely predictable foaming at the mouth from all the usual suspects – Young Conservatives, Tory MPs, former tabloid newspaper editors – who suggested Elton had no place to air his views on the BBC.

Unfortunately we’ve got no space for them here, but we do have space for Joe Lycett – no stranger to Laura Kuenssberg’s BBC show, obviously – who had the perfect final word.

Nailed it.

And in the unlikely case you need reminding (or just want to enjoy it again …)

To conclude …


Source Twitter @joelycett