This attempt to prank a gym shop didn’t go to plan and the owner’s A++ rant made it so much better

This attempt to prank a gym store didn’t quite go to plan and it was all the better for it.

Basically the gym store owner wasn’t having any of it, and his heavyweight takedown of the pranksters bothering his shop was A++.

To prank the shop owner
by u/Primary_Constant_314 in therewasanattempt


‘When will pranksters learn that being smug, obnoxious and annoying is painfully unfunny?’

‘Shop owner was spitting facts.’

“We have 100K subscribers”

‘Ah, the currency of the day, clicks.’

‘I said it once and i’ll say it again. 90% of influencers influence nothing but bad behaviour.’

‘Good for the store owner for calling him out. The day “influencers” stop having any clout will be the best day ever.

‘Annoying people for views from their preteen followers is a complete waste of regular people’s time. Maybe one day he’ll realize how pathetic he looked doing these.’

“Are you not entertained?” Apparently not.’

‘I’d subscribe to HIS channel.’

Source TikTok @bradyshepherd Reddit u/Primary_Constant_314