The Daily Show has made Donald Trump a ‘crime tracker’ app – because it’s hard to keep up

With the possibility or another arrest – this time relating to the January 6th storming of the Capitol – Donald Trump has done what any sensible person would do …kept his head down and engaged good legal representation.

Oh no, wait – he’s been ranting on his own social media site about the Chief Prosecuter being deranged.

He’s also been sharing what sounds very much like a serious threat against any, maybe all, enemies.

With the help of The Daily Show, he could be using his time far more wisely.

@thedailyshow Having trouble keeping track of Trump’s numerous (alleged) crimes? OneVestigation is here to help. #DailyShow #Trump #comedy ♬ original sound – The Daily Show

Following all those court cases can be as difficult as remembering which top secret documents you stole from the White House, but OneVestigation makes getting investigated easy.

If the app were real, some big names would definitely be lining up to download it. TikTok users were here for it.

Trump crime family now searching their App Store wondering why they can’t find this app. 😂😂😂
Valerie Fenimore

Most downloaded app by Republicans.

The next time Donald Trump sees the Oval Office, he’ll be watching HOUSE OF CARDS on Netflix from a federal prison cell!

No matter how much Fox & Right Wing media tries to portray Trump as the victim, it won’t work!
Lee Ann Jarett

Actually a useful app. Let’s do it, smart peoples. 🤓🤓🤓

I am hoping for “MABA”-Make America Boring Again … Go back before the endless Trump soap opera.

“They’re not coming after me (for all my crimes), they’re coming for you!”

OMG Cheeto face would TOTALLY buy that!! He seriously needs it. The friends and family plan killed me 🤣 SLAY!

Just love this. I’d cash in my 401k to buy commercial time during an NFL game to run this.

GreenOnions14 suggested the very best sponsors for maximum irony.

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This supercut of Trump alleging everything he’s been accused of is A++

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