Rishi Sunak’s climate change claims from his leadership bid have really come back to bite him

Since winning the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election by a whisker, apparently over the ULEZ expansion, the Conservatives have leant right into painting green policies as something Labour wants to use to punish hardworking people.

Monday’s announcement of scores of new fossil fuel licences saw Rishi Sunak claim they could have their Net Zero cake and eat it.

When Rishi Sunak was campaigning to become the leader of the Conservative Party – and PM – he was singing a very different song.

“I believe in climate change. I believe in our target. As prime minister, I will continue to deliver on the agenda that we’ve set out. It’s one of the things that we’ve displayed global leadership in, which is fantastic, actually.”

If he thought everyone would forget what he’d said, he was very much mistaken.

Stuzi 🐝🐝 mused on Sunak’s preferred form of transport.

We suspect My Big Helicopter is far more likely.


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