The takedown of this dating tip for ‘helping guys become men’ is a classic of the genre

There’s a Twitter account called 🚨Masculinity Rediscovered🚨 – @BecomeAManAgain – and it’s one of those that is very likely accompanied by the legend ‘not followed by anyone you’re following’.

For the uninitiated here’s how it describes itself: ‘I help Guys become Men💊 | Learn Forbidden Secrets of Seducing & Sleeping with Beautiful Women Effortlessly 🍒| Hard Times create High-Value Men 🗿’

Right. Anyway, we mention it because of this classic comeback which has just gone viral on Reddit and it’s a proper hall of famer, courtesy of ‘sweary historian’ James Fell.


‘I swear the idea of “Greek Letter X” male is just a overblown confidence that misses the point of confidence in a relationship.

‘Sure. Confidence is nice, (I don’t have that.), But I believe respect to your partner is also equally important in serving as a foundation.’

‘It’s like astrology but for dudebros.’

“You’re going to have the best night of your life.”

‘Why, won’t you be there?’

Source Reddit u/AyAan2022 Twitter @BecomeAManAgain @BodyForWife