The utter confidence of this incorrect Canadian Family Feud answer came with a side of WTF

An episode of the Canadian edition of Family Feud (Family Fortunes in the UK) from 2021 has started popping up on a few social media platforms.

It features the Pauls family, who got through to the final and – well – watch for yourself.

@familyfeudca You think the SUN is a PLANET?! #familyfeud #familyfeudcanada #badanswers #funnyanswers #fastmoney ♬ original sound – Family Feud Canada

HOW? How did six people out of 100 think the Sun is a planet?

TikTok users weighed in.

You just gotta wait for it to cool down during night-time. And then we can land on the planet.

I was almost embarrassed then realized it was Canada and not us lol.
A Yank in MancUSGB

As if my hope for humanity wasn’t low enough. Jesus Christ.

Mission failed successfully.

I’m sorry, my brain is not braining.

I can’t believe he received points.

If the sun is a planet then the earth is a moon.

Canada what are you doing?
Jasper Hayes

Family Feud scares me sometimes.

“Says who?”
We’re doomed.


As if that weren’t bad enough, as some of you may have noticed, the other Pauls brother to have a shot at the question had already said ‘the Moon’.

If you were wondering whether that gaffe was an isolated incident …it wasn’t.

Oh, Canada!


This all-time confidently incorrect quiz show fail is making everyone’s day better

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