We regret to inform you that Matt Hancock is on yet another reality show – but this savage takedown makes it almost worthwhile

Disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock seems to be a man on a mission to win reputational rehabilitation, with his not-so-well-selling book and his self-pitying appearances on I’m a Celebrity and any podcast that will have him.

He’s back on our screens again in the latest series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Twitter wasn’t impressed.

One segment of the show saw Hancock faced instructors Jason Fox and Chris Oliver who had questions about his affair with aide, Gina Colangelo. The gloves were off.

The audio is quite low.

“The rules that you’ve established, as a country, you think ‘You know what? I’m above this. I’m bigger than the system.‘”

“Yeah, I didn’t think that.”

“I’m talkin’. Fuckin’ listen to me, yeah?”







It wasn’t the only Hancock moment that the public enjoyed. There was also this.

@channel4sport Jermaine Pennant does NOT hold back against Matt Hancock ❌ #matthancock #saswhodareswins #jermainepennant #boxing ♬ original sound – Channel 4 Sport

Newsnight, take note.


Matt Hancock reaching the I’m a Celebrity final went down like a witchetty grub smoothie

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