A viral clip of a biscuit-munching marmot and its human buddy is the timeline cleanser we all need

Over on TikTok, a video shared by @toulouse936 has gone massively viral and is bringing people great joy.

See for yourself why that is.

@toulouse936 #Master2023byTikTok #divertissement ♬ Ballade Pour Adeline – Richard Clayderman

With almost 40 million views on TikTok alone, as well as popping up on just about every social media platform, the unnamed nature lover and his hungry marmot buddy are bringing a little light into countless timelines.

Here’s how TikTok users have reacted.

The Windows wallpaper background, the marmot, the music…masterpiece.

What is that?? Can I have that one, please?? Where I can get it??

I don’t know what or where this is but I have a full packet of digestive biscuits in the cupboard x
Mellissa williams

It stood tall as if announcing… this is my new human.

Bro livin his best life.

I swear to god this îs how I would describe peace and happiness.

Most beautiful video I ever seen here in tiktok.
Tallbush nb kamote

“I know there’s more in your pocket.. let me see! Haaa found it”
Nasrizal Advisera

Man has a Marmot for a pet. that’s cool.

Want more of the biscuit-munching marmot? Of course you do.

@toulouse936 #Master2023byTikTok #divertissement ♬ Musik Santai – ASL-INST


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