The instant regret of this dog is very funny and totally adorable

If you only watch one funny dog video today then make it this one.

It’s the video of this dog which has just gone viral in the corner of Reddit called ‘made me smile’ but could have just have turned up in the subReddit ‘instant regret’.

For reasons which will become obvious …

‘He changed his mind,’ said asteriskspace who posted it.

He changed his mind
byu/asteriskspace inMadeMeSmile


‘The fact that he spit out the single one makes it so much better.’

‘Honestly more polite and better manners than a lot of people. Dogs are amazing.’

‘He realized his mistake. And that look at the end… He’s very cute.’

‘That was a big mistake LOL! Such a cute look on the doggie’s face.’

Source Reddit u/asteriskspace