This attempted trolling of atheists everywhere was returned with interest and it’s a comeback hall of famer

Take a visit to the comeback hall of fame – what do you mean you haven’t been recently? – and this will surely be somewhere close to the very top.

It’s an attempted trolling of atheists everywhere from back in the day and it’s just gone viral again on Reddit, and not for the last time, probably.

‘The irony,’ said Redditor bahkenfrieg who shared it (this time).

Heaven sent.

And here are our five favourite things people said about it.

‘All i can say is i’ve never had an atheist knock at my door to tell me about their beliefs or invite me to their cult meeting.’

‘Hello ma’am, could we come in and talk to you about our Lord and Savior, science?’

‘I praise chance every time my team scores a touchdown. Because they suck and scoring certainly wasn’t due to talent!’

‘… and the worst are those radio stations that only play atheist music.’

‘To be fair, Athiest proselytizing just isn’t the same.

“You aren’t an atheist? Then you are going NOWHERE when you die! You will never burn in a lake of ANYTHING if you don’t convert to Athiesim! Just the same as if you DO convert! Have a random, non-preordained day knowing Nobody Up There loves you!”

Source Reddit u/bahkenfrieg