‘Britain’s Strictest Headmistress’ has got the hump with the John Lewis Christmas ad and this is the only response you need

As sure as night follows day or, er, Boxing Day follows Christmas Day, the self-styled ‘Britain’s Strictest Headmistress’ has had her say about the new John Lewis Christmas ad.

And – gasp! – she likes it about as much as she liked the Marks and Spencer one. Which is to say, not very much.

Before we get to what head teacher Katharine Birbalsingh – @Miss_Snuffy – has to say, here’s a reminder of the rather lovely John Lewis.

And you’ve probably already guessed the problem Birbalshingh has with it. It’s the same ‘problem’ as identified by this lot.

Fortunately for her (and everyone else) there was no shortage of people only too happy to answer her question, including all of these people who were entertaining, totally on-point and often both.








But surely none of the responses hit home harder than this one,

Well said, @JonnyUttley!

At least she hasn’t been moved to write a letter to John Lewis like she did with Marks & Spencer. Well, not yet, anyway.

We’re with this person.


Britain’s ‘strictest headmistress’ has written a letter of complaint about Marks and Spencer’s Christmas ad and it’s quite the read

Source @Miss_Snuffy