These people were furious there’s ‘no dad’ in the John Lewis Christmas ad and their response was A++

The John Lewis Christmas ad is out and it’s a bit of a departure from previous years. Gone is the traditional tear-jerker of a pop cover – and good riddance to that – with the starring role going to an out-sized Venus fly trap.

The launch of the ad has become something of a national moment, when the Christmas shopping binge begins in earnest.

Not only that, it’s also become a rallying cry around which a certain section of the population – typically those with a flag or a long row of numbers after their name on social media – can get really very angry indeed.

And this year, we’re sorry (very glad) to say, was no different.

And while there were plenty of people highlighting this similarity …

… and others who pointed out that Venus fly traps aren’t actually like that (you don’t say …)

The thing that really got some people going was because they couldn’t spot the dad (because every family is identical, right?)

And it didn’t stop there …

This person saw it coming.

So did this person.

Hats off to the John Lewis staff who responded to each and every one of the tweets. In particular, this one.

To conclude …


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