This reporter had a fabulously brutal question for Suella Braverman today and deserves the rest of the week off

Farwell then, Suella Braverman, who’s (finally) been sacked as Home Secretary by prime minister Rishi Sunak today.

Braverman was shown the door – yet again – after she defied Downing Street over a newspaper article in which she accused the Met Police of bias in the policing of protests.

Her departure prompted no end of fabulous responses today – we’ve rounded up 23 of our favourites here – and a particular apposite takedown by the great Joe Lycett.

But we mention her again because of this reporter’s fabulously brutal question for the (soon to be) Cabinet minister as she left home early on Monday morning.

Brutal, and prophetic, it turned out.

We’re with this person.

In two words …


23 early reactions to the news that Suella Braverman has been given the boot

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