This Tory MP’s no-nonsense response to David Cameron’s unexpected return surely speaks for us all

David Cameron’s not the first former prime minister to return to serve as a Cabinet minister but it’s not exactly what you’d call common.

It tends to happen every half century or so, since you ask, the last person being Alec Douglas-Home and before him Arthur Balfour.

But before we risk turning into a GCSE history lesson, let’s get back to the present, specifically this Conservative MP’s response to Cameron coming back, shared by Sky’s estimable Sophy Ridge today.

And it’s worth listening in full because their no-nonsense response surely speaks for us all.

And here are just a few of the many things people had to say about it.

And because we’re here, it would be remiss not to share this fabulous David Cameron gag by another (now former) Sky News presenter, Adam Boulton.

Source @Haggis_UK