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Simply a masterclass in how to handle a WhatsApp scammer

Over on a subreddit called r/ScamBait, a Redditor named u/heythereitsbeth posted her scam experience with this title.

‘Just came across this sub and thought I’d share mine from the start of the year.’

There are a lot of messages to read through, but they’re entertaining and it’s well worth sticking around until the end.

It seemed innocent enough to start with.

The inevitable request for money followed.

Quite reasonably, ‘Mum’ had questions.

There was some baggage to consider.

Things weren’t adding up.

The scammer kept rolling with the punches.

They played the emotional blackmail card.

‘Mum’ wanted the reviews – which are a whole other kind of scam, to be fair.

The scammer kept the grift going …

without progress.

‘Mum’ kept pushing.

Phone parts weren’t really what the scammer wanted.

Nor was lasagne.