This person had a theory to stop volcanos erupting and was brutally owned by one of the biggest of the lot

Volcanoes were the one thing that kept us awake at night as kids – that and earthquakes – so it’s always a bit of a flashback to childhood trauma when one of them erupts in spectacular style.

Over in Iceland there’s still the possibility of a volcanic eruption after magma shifting under the Earth’s crust caused hundreds of earthquakes. Even typing that is giving us the fear.

So perhaps we should all be @McGrupp over on Twitter who shared a theory how to stop these mountains blowing their top once and for all.

Best have a read for yourself …

And we’re glad they did it prompted no end of responses, but no-one said it better than one of the biggest volcanoes of them all.


To conclude …

And this.

Mount St Helens, as if you didn’t know, is in Washington state and really blew its top in 1980.

The @MtStHelensWA account is not an entirely serious one but for the purposes of this response, it was very serious indeed.

Source @MtStHelensWA