This woman decided to list her dating ‘deal breakers’ to save wasting time and just when it can’t get any more jaw-dropping, it does …

Listing your ‘deal breakers’ when you’re looking for a date is certainly one way of saving time meeting people you’re just not compatible with.

But when your list of deal breakers is this long – as shared by this woman who’s just gone viral on Reddit – then you’ll be saving all the time in the world. Because, let’s face it, you’re not going to meet anyone.

found on r/tinder: Facebook dating,’ said VacantlyStarchy who shared it.

And it’s quite the read.

Too many to choose from, but we think our favourite bit is listing all those requirements and then saying they mustn’t be ‘anti-social’. Like, what?

‘Well that should narrow the field down quite a bit.’

‘How you predict a future marijuana user?’

‘Someone dating her would surely become a user.’

“I’m a pisces”. Me: sounds fishy.’

‘The zodiac signs bs is already enough deal breaker for me.’

‘She talked about atheists being a dealbreaker and yet she believes in random planets having influence on people. Doesn’t religion and zodiac shit counteract each other?’

‘Yes. Yes they do.’

‘She sounds like a real catch for the imaginary guy she’s looking for…’

Source Reddit VacantlyStarchy