Andrew Tate took creepy delight in ‘giving Piers Morgan Covid’ and Morgan’s response was A++

We wish Piers Morgan a speedy recovery after he said earlier this week he’d caught Covid.

We mention it because Andrew Tate – who Morgan interviewed a few weeks back for his Talk TV show – took creepy delight at the news and even claimed he’d given it to him (who knows why he thinks that, but who knows why Tate thinks anything).

Anyway, here’s the update Morgan tweeted.

And it bought a certain type of person out of the woodwork. Like this person.

And this person.

And this person.

And finally, the king of the toxic manosphere himself, Andrew ‘no vaccines’ Tate. We won’t inflict all of what he had to say, but here’s what he looked like when he said it, claiming that he had given Morgan Covid when he came to interview him.

And here’s what Morgan had to say in response.

And also this.

Maybe Tate was still bitter after Morgan owned him like this.

I mean, it kinda is…
byu/deprecatedfreak infunny

No vaccine for stupidity.

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