This is how the Four Gifts rule would work if you’re not in a Hallmark Christmas movie

Times are hard, unless you’re in the One Percent Club, and many people are trying to find ways to make the holiday season a little less expensive.

Some are regifting or turning to crafts, others are working on a Secret Santa basis with their nearest and dearest, and a few smart types are going off-grid until the January sales.

Then there’s the Four Gifts for Christmas rule.

@rachelcruze The four gift rule is such a great way to scale back your Christmas spending, while still giving great gifts! #christmasgifts #christmassavings #christmasbudget #fourgiftrule ♬ original sound – Rachel Cruze

‘Something they want.

Something they need.

Something to wear.

Something to read.’

Sounds like a great idea …in principle. Actor, producer and comedian Annie Laferriere, however, knows how things really work when you have kids, so her version is a lot more realistic – and very funny.

@annie_laferriere What are your 4 categories? #christmasgiftsforkids #christmasforless #noslimeallowed ♬ original sound – Annie Laferriere | Mom Comedy

That sounds much more doable. TikTok users loved it, and these are just a few of our favourite responses.

Something that breaks immediately & something that requires weird shaped batteries that we never buy. Always first on our list!!

We do the want need wear read from Santa. Then we just buy any and everything we think he would like and look at our bank account like NOOOO!

Yes! Plus 20 other things that will clutter the house and drive us crazy all year.

Oh we have the four main groups down. Pokemon, Beyblades, Bakugan and Lego.
Mama Dani

And also 14 other things. Just because mom’s dopamine comes from shopping and dad doesn’t argue when it’s “for Christmas”.

We start here every year…but it’s like those 4 then Santa gifts …then stockings and like who doesn’t need 2 books? And so on …send help.

So accurate on the “share” item – always turns into multiple.

The something to share …but two of them just in case is SO real!

Before you decide which of the Four Gifts rules to follow, Annie came up with another one – and she made it rhyme. Well, sort of.

@annie_laferriere Don’t be like me. What are your 4? #kidschristmasgifts #youtubekidschannel #christmasmorning #parentinghumor ♬ original sound – Annie Laferriere | Mom Comedy

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