Watch a Prop Master eggsplain eggsactly how they created the supernatural eggs scene in Ghostbusters

If you have any interest in the role props play in film and TV – or how they’re created – you are probably already very familiar with Scott Reeder.

Prop Master Scott has a rightly extremely popular social media presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok – all with names that are some variation on Scott Prop and Roll.

He explains how props are made and how they’re not necessarily what they seem to be.

Often, there’s an added dad joke.

@scottpropandroll Prop Foam Rubber Concrete Block. This is a stunt prop. It’s not real. #props #movieprops ♬ original sound – Scott Reeder

He recently explained how the visually arresting egg scene in Ghostbusters was made. He combined his eggspert knowledge with several dad jokes, just as a bonus.

@scottpropandroll Practical Effects in Ghostbusters #specialeffects #filmmaking ♬ original sound – Scott Reeder

Absolutely ingenious. Here’s what TikTok users thought of it.

Practical effects will always be superior.
Katie Hanson

I love all your puns that you somehow get into all of these videos, keep up the amazing work sharing your knowledge, I really enjoy learning these types of things!

Goddamnit thank you I’ve been wanting this scene explained for over 25 years.

This has always been one of my favorite practical effects. So much work went into this and it’s so effective.
Jake Steward

Love to see how they do this stuff.
Hobert Grey

Odintodd channelled Scott for this.

This cracked me up

They weren’t the only one.

Your videos Crack me up with all your yokes!

Poultry editing might be responsible for the scrambled continuity.
Jonathan Torres

A hard-boiled analysis.

They went the eggstra mile on that effect.

High eggtoplasm count there.

A cook top to fry the eggs, nice idea, it dozen surprise me.

I’m scrambling to come up with more egg puns, but it looks like everyone has beat me to it.
Rachel O.

It turns out that Scott is also a bit of a chef.

@scottpropandroll I Can’t Believe It’s Not . . . #butter #props #movieprops #foodtok ♬ original sound – Scott Reeder


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