This outrageously entitled boss didn’t want their new recruit working from home and their comeback went straight into the ‘antiwork’ hall of fame

You might already be familiar with the corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ which is full of bosses you’ll be very glad you don’t work for (or, if you do, then our commiserations).

And every now and again it features one of these less than ideal employers being given exactly the treatment they deserve. And this one is a classic hall of famer.

It’s a job that was less flexible than advertised and was the new recruit going to stand for it? Were they f …

“Job was described as work from home regularly but must be able to come in-person as needed. After learning on Day #1 that “as needed” meant Mon-Fri 9-5, had to pull teeth to WFH Tue/Thu. Expressed my concerns a couple of times to no avail before putting my foot down. Felt good.”

It’s the sort of exchange we wish we’d had with no end of bosses over the years. One day … maybe

Meanwhile, here are just a few of the things people were saying about it over on Reddit.

‘Why do employers lie about this? I was applying for jobs today and there were so many jobs blatantly lying about being remote.’

“You need to give two weeks notice”

“Actually, I don’t”

‘Hell yes.’

‘Im having a discussion like this with my boss and regional director right now. Why the hell am I unable to do REMOTE SECURITY remotely???’

‘Uhhh….you clearly haven’t thought this out. How are you suppose to get your free slice of pizza and feel like a family?’

And just in case you were wondering what happened next.

‘Oh yeah, I never returned my keys/ID. I told my former boss I’d need to clock in for my commute to do that, or he’d need to pay for shipping. He declined, and this ain’t a charity.’


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