Rosie Holt’s outrageously clueless spoof Tory MP blames Toby Jones for the Post Office scandal

Unless you live under a rock and have popped out specifically to read the Poke – in which case, we’re honoured – you can’t have failed to have seen the growing awareness of the scandal surrounding faulty accounting software that resulted in Post Office managers being wrongfully accused of theft.

Despite repeated attempts by media outlets such as Private Eye, the BBC and Computer Weekly to bring it to public attention, it was an ITV drama, Mr Bates versus the Post Office, starring Toby Jones that raised the profile enough to get most of the public and the government to take notice.

The Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride spoke on This Morning about the scandal, completely dodging the issue of the Government’s culpability in the terrible miscarriage of justice.

Rosie Holt’s brilliantly believable spoof Tory MP went one step further. She found somebody to blame.

“You have to understand that, before this week, not one drama starring Toby Jones had been made on the subject – not one. And that, to me, shows a lack of duty of care.

Toby Jones is a very fine actor, but what was he doing?”

As ever, thanks to a combination of Rosie’s skill and the incompetence of some actual MPs, not everybody got the joke.

Those who did, however, really appreciated it.













We’d love to know what Richard Madeley thinks of Rosie’s MP.

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