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21 of the most funny, weird and backhanded compliments people have received

It’s almost always pleasant to receive a compliment, although it can be a little embarrassing for the modest, and there are few more modest than we are at the Poke.

For #NationalComplimentDay, we wanted to hear more about the compliments that stand out – in a good or a bad way.

We got a lot of replies, including some that we couldn’t possibly share – but these people really understood the assignment.


I worked in a school and a student once told me she liked the way my grey hairs twinkled in the sun. Absolutely loved that.
Kerry McElroy


Judy Hallam
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I just met your husband. He is really nice. He’s nothing like you.
Elizabeth Quann


Years ago my sister in law saw a picture of Cameron Diaz caught by the paps looking like death warmed up and thought it was me. Still the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Charlotte Pollock


Donna Keeys French
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An elderly Australian woman once told me that I spoke excellent English for an Irishman.
I hadn’t the heart to tell her. She was about 90!

Stephen Joyce


I was once told i had nice half moons on my nails – the white part. (It is technically called the lunula).
Heather Rushforth


You have nice handwriting for a left-handed person.
Michelle Leatherland


“I used to think I would like to date you, then I got to know you” from a long time friend.
Mary Schaffer


Adrian Pinsent
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A mum at the school gate: “I wish I could be like you and not care about my appearance…”.
Laura Walsh