This guy’s outrageous Tinder demands go straight into the online dating hall of fame

This snapshot from the world of Tinder comes courtesy of littlebigbitch1 over on Reddit and it goes straight into the hall of fame.

It presumably makes sense when writing your profile to give a sense of the sort of person you’re looking to meet, but it’s probably best not to be too demanding.

And when we say too demanding, we mean this, very much this.

‘This man is a 3/10 on a good day i promise you. What gives men the confidence i have to know,’ said littlebigbitch1.

It was so bad, in fact, that some people thought it must be some deliberate trolling. But most people, well, most people thought this …

‘Well good luck finding that with only 8% body fat .’

‘With this profile I must assume they are always having *checks notes* “seggz.”‘

‘Oh yeah for sure, women can’t get enough of him.’

“Mia Khalifa baby face or British milf body type” I’m begging please put the pornography down and pick up a fucking hobby.’

‘8% bf bro wants to date a skeleton.’

And because we’re talking about people over-reaching themselves on Tinder, it reminded us of the woman who wrote this.

No harm in asking, right? Well, maybe.

Source Reddit u/littlebigbitch1 Image Unsplash Yogas Design