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Domhnall Gleeson’s story about meeting his surprising celebrity doppelganger is hilarious must-watch TV

Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson is very much famous in his own own right.

For example, he is well known to Harry Potter fans as Bill Weasley, tugged on everyone’s heart strings in About Time, and has an illustrious stage career, even gaining a Tony nomination.

He recently appeared on the Graham Norton Show alongside actors Sterling K. Brown and Dakota Johnson, where Graham asked him about his celebrity doppelganger.

Here’s what happened.

@thegnshow Domhnall Gleeson Shares Who His Celebrity Doppelgänger Is! #domhnallgleeson #cateblanchett #doppelganger ♬ som original – The Graham Norton Show

“I’d be walking down the street and people would stop to tell me I looked like Cate Blanchett, which was, like, upsetting as a young man trying to make your way in the world.”

“I said goodbye and I walked away and it was amazing, but I walked straight into the women’s bathroom.”

TikTok users could see the likeness.

OH MY GOD he is Cate Blanchett.
Bintang Angkasa

You could do a lot worse than Cate Blanchett, sir.

Now he and Cate need to do a film where they are twins!!!

He absolutely looks like young Boris Becker.
Tracer Bullet

Dakota being so sassy with the Carol joke.
Lindsay Williams

I was expecting Tilda Swinton, so I’m glad he said that, too.

Now I can’t unsee it lol.
Darcy Rochester

The Facepalm of the Comments Award goes to Nikiann007 for this.

You know, all British ppl look alike.

How about if one’s Irish and the other is Australian?

Introvertigus had another lookalike in mind.

I think he looks like Vincent van Gogh

We’re not sure whether Lord Matthew was joking with this comment.

I think he kinda looks like Brendan Gleeson from Gangs of New York.

There might a good reason for that.

Brendan is his Dad.
Miriam Henry

His dad? Yeah, fair enough.

Domhnall Gleeson looks like Brendan Gleeson, I wonder why that would be?


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